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Js framework for business applications
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Database RAD for query and web applications
In december 2102
PJbase is released
in its first beta release!
Performance Data volume: 20MB per single Ajax transaction, total volume limited by client RAM
Rows number: 500k
Columns number: 2k
Data functions Displaying: ASCII values
Scrolling: full and live scrolling of all rows
Sorting: on single and multiple columns
Filtering: on single and multiple columns, using math operands and regexp
Modification: update, insert, delete; automatic or forced commit
System interaction Clipboard: copy and paste from and to rows selection
Interface Standard grid: resizable columns
Customizable grid: heading and rows, with html template
Selection: single and multiple rows (contiguous or not)
Programming Library: js objects exposing properties, methods and events Graphic: HTML templates
Interaction: js events in template objects; grid object exposing current row data
Events: for loading, scrolling and modification
Compatibility Prerequisites: HTML 4.01 (strict.dtd), javascript 1.3, CSS2
Browser support: IE7+, FF3.6+, Chrome3+, Safari3+, Opera10+
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