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Business web applications
Database RAD for query and web applications
Js framework for business applications
CRM Industrial services: online system for rental and wash of more than 1 million of PPE garments, identified bt RFID. Authomatic invoicing included.
B2B extranet Automotive: spare parts on line ordering system, 15'000 orders / year
Industrial services: self-service PPE ordering system for public companies
BI/planning Automotive: sales plannig and controlling for direct & indirect channel of regional reseller, 4'000 vehicles / year
web applications
HR: wage online calculation and declaration for special workers, 1'200 pay packets / month
Fiscal accounting: consolidated income tax declaration system
Food & beverages: special fiscal transaction recording for spirits
Underwriting Automotive: electronic directory for cars transactions recording
Food & beverages
quality tracking
Wines: quality and costs tracking system, 200'000 BOM rows / year
ERP extensions Provisioning: order data-entry and invoice documental management
Logistic: handeld barcode picking systems
Automation: RFID controlled handling systems
Maintenance: maintenance calendars
Facebook: ALPJ has now a fan page [2013 - June]
Sourceforge: ALPJ has a new project page (registered in 2004) [2013 - May]
Youtube: first demo video published [2013 - May]
LinkedIn: ALPJ has now a company page [2013 - April]
Survey: big success for our survey about the use of business data in collaboration with Liber Liber onlus, promoting free culture over the web (results are available here)[2013 - April]
PJbase & PJdoc: first release of the look and features preview [2013 - March]
PJDocument: first Beta release of PJdocument with examples is published on the site [2012 - June]
New site: new look and new contents for the company site [2012 - June]
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