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Js framework for business applications
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Database RAD for query and web applications
In december 2102
PJbase is released
in its first beta release!

Collection of Javascript desktop-like interactive objects
  • visual editor for queries and forms
  • cross-sources queries and data processing
  • powerfull full-caching ajax grid
  • multi-user development
  • one-file exportable applications
  • highly compatible with main hosting providers
  • cut & paste setup
Web datagrid

Full real scrolling desktop-like grid with clipboard support, filtering, sorting, row template, column resize.
Load since to 1 million rows.
Drag and drop actions

Drag and drop resize and move for every widget.
Smooth movement of dotted shapes, without freeze or dithering.
Widgets collection

Windows, tabs, popus to give to your web applications the look of a desktop environment.
100% Javascript, light and compatible.
It's time for web porting
Desktop and office suites are cheap and easy to use, but surprises can come exactly when you have done your best:
  • call licences: with other suites, you must replicate your licence for every client
  • LAN limited: with desktop products, all works only over a local network
  • crashes and missing access control
We also had these experiences, and developed PJbase with an aim: porting all office development on the web, fully client/server.
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